About Us

Hi, I'm Bilyana and I created Amora Scents in 2021 as a hobby turned business specialising in homemade wax melts. Not long after purchasing my first wax melts I really wanted to try making them. After spending all day melting wax in my kitchen I became hooked and wanted to do this more often experimenting with different scents. One day my boyfriend persuaded me to turn my passion into a business. This is how Amora Scents was born.

I have always been a huge fan of home products, nice fragrances and getting cosy in my own home so naturally I find myself constantly buying candles and scented products. Having purchased wax products from many different places and brands I have often been disappointed by the quality of cheap paraffin-based candles and was instead amazed by the results a good homemade soy-based wax melt can produce which is something I want to share with people through Amora Scents. Today we produce a wide range of scents that offers something different than the traditional stores whilst being an eco-conscious small independent business.

So far, my small business journey has been exciting and I am looking forward to where the future may take me. I hope you love my products as much as I have loved making them.